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StepperDampers (4 pack)

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Our StepperDampers fit ALL printers, not just the printrbot. If your 3D printer uses a NEMA17 stepper motor, StepperDamper will work with it.

How they work: Nema17 stepper motors vibrate as they step. This vibration causes your motors to emit noise while in operation and visibly vibrate when they are mounted against the wood, metal, or plastic on your printer.

Our StepperDampers drastically reduce the noise your printer makes (making your printer quieter), and lessen the transmit of vibration from the motor to the surface it's mounted to resulting in both a quieter printer and higher quality prints.

Material: Cork
Manufacturing Process: Laser Cutting
Fits: NEMA 17-style stepper motors
Included: FOUR StepperDampers. One for each axis of your printer.